Privacy Policy

Website Usage & Data Gathering:

Personally Identifiable Information:

All orders placed within our store requires us to collect information from you, the customer, in order to allow you to place order requests and for us to process your order(s). By creating an account or submitting an order to our website you are giving consent for us to collect some personally identifiable information via this website. As you complete your account and/or order form details to submit an order request to us the personal data gathered will include your name, telephone number, your e-mail address, & billing/shipping address details. Your name, address, e-mail, & telephone details are used to process and ship your order. Your telephone and/or e-mail address may be used to communicate with you in order to ask questions about your order or update you on any pending, processing, shipped, or completed order(s). We will only contact you via e-mail about new products, sales, social media promotions, etc. if you've subscribed to our newsletter. This subscription option is available to opt-in or opt-out of at time of account creation/order placement. If you have subscribed to our newsletter our communications are solely electronic at this time so we retain a record of your e-mail address to use in order to broadcast to you our newsletter(s). At any time you may request to unsubscribe from our newsletter by using the available link(s) to do so while logged into your account on our website, by using the available unsubscribe links in our newsletter e-mails, or by contacting us.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information:
We collect non-personally identifiable information about your use of our website to include pages you visit, products you are interested in or share via our social media sharing buttons and/or website searches you may perform. This information gathered may include your internet protocol (IP) address, state or country. This information is gathered only for research & analytics purposes to help us to improve our website, the products and services we offer to you. This information is solely for our use and is not sold to other parties for their use.

Information posted on our website such as: product reviews, testimonials, or using our Disqus comments module in our product listings or blog postings are publicly readable. Information shared via these modules may disclose the name you give with your review, the online account name you use with our website or the Disqus website. Disqus manages their own Privacy Policy governing their data sharing, gathering, and storage methods. Please read Disqus' Privacy Policy for more details.

Payment Processing & Data Usage:
By virtue of our use of an electronic payment processor (PayPal) some of your information such as name, address, credit/debit card, order details and totals will be transmitted electronically and verified via PayPal. PayPal has their own Privacy Policy details regarding their handling, sharing and transmission of your data. Please refer to PayPal's Privacy Policy for full details on their data handling methods. If you do not wish to have your payment details processed electronically please contact us directly to order via check or money order.

Direct payments via check/money order also require that personally identifiable information be gathered from you. This includes your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. All these items are used to complete, ship, and/or communicate with you about your order. You may be asked directly for your consent to be added to our newsletter, you are able to decline if you do not wish to have us use your e-mail to contact you about new products, sales, social media promotions, etc. At any time you may request to unsubscribe from our newsletter by using the available link(s) while logged into your account on our website or by using the available unsubscribe links in our newsletter e-mails or by contacting us.

We do not and will never sell any of your information to third party companies nor sell/share your information with other JW related stores, forums, or websites.

Data Retention & Deletion:

Creating an account on our website and/or placing an order with us requires that we store your information to allow you to continue to interact with our website with your personalized account. As such, we keep your data stored so that you can login to/interact with our website at any time. You are able to, at any time, contact us to request that parts or all of your information be deleted from our website. If you wish for all of your account data to be removed we will honor this request but please be aware that you will no longer be able to directly login to our website via a personal account nor will you have any order history details remaining on our website. If you have previously requested your data be deleted from our website if you later want to place an order with us you will need to create a brand new account with our website in order to place your order. Once your information has been deleted upon your request we cannot recover the information.

If you have pending orders with us and request that your data be deleted, your request for online data deletion will occur 30 days after your order has been shipped and confirmed as delivered. Once your data is deleted our website will not retain any history of your order via your personal account with us. Once your data is deleted it is not recoverable. If you wish to order with us again you will need to create a brand new account on our website.

This privacy policy is subject to change without advanced notice. However, you will be notified via e-mail if our website's privacy policy makes any changes to our handling of your data.