Terms & Conditions

I'm trying to order. I've shopped here before. Why do I see 'APPROVAL PENDING' & can't add items to my cart?

We love taking orders from all of our friends but we also have an expectation to be treated respectfully and will not tolerate abusive speech. (Romans 12:18, Ephesians 4:31). Therefore, if you're attempting to add items to your cart and see 'APPROVAL PENDING' instead of an Add to Cart button your account may have been flagged as one needing approval before placing an order. Please contact us if you believe this is in error or want an explanation of your account's status.

Colors Shown vs. Colors Printed - Why Different?
Since everyone's monitor displays colors differently, what you see on your screen versus what a printer would print may be different. This is true of any screen and any printer. If you need exact color matching we urge you to contact us for a color sample from our store so that you can see the colors from the printer on the exact material/paper your item will be printed on.

Use of JW, JW.ORG, Publications, & Characters (Caleb & Sophia)

• We do not take pictures, characters, or publications from JW.ORG to use on items offered in our shop. While other sellers may do so as their conscience permits ours does not. Items in our shop may be inspired by songs, videos, scriptures, events or publications but what is created will always be our own original art or photographs.

• We will not honor any requests to use items, publications, trademarks or characters from JW.ORG or brand any items with the letters 'JW'. This decision was made after consultation of the JW.ORG website Terms of Use & the Branch. As such, we do not want to violate the trademark/copyrights of the Watchtower, Bible, & Tract Society.

Do you sell things in Spanish?/¿Vendes cosas en Español?

Yes, we sell some things in Spanish. Our items will be labeled to tell you if we sell it in Spanish. We do not speak Spanish well so if you see something you would like in Spanish please contact us & provide the words in English (if possible) & then the translation in Spanish & we will see if we can create it for you.

Sí, vendemos algunas cosas en español. Nuestros artículos serán etiquetados para decirle si lo vendemos en español. No hablamos español así que si ves algo que te gustaría en español por favor contáctanos y proporcione las palabras en inglés (si es posible) y luego la traducción en español y veremos si podemos crearlo para usted.